li’l’ color runner

Judah finally got to run a race this weekend! Several months ago, he was registered for one, but he was sick the morning it was scheduled. For this race, he wasn’t registered, but I found out kids five and under could run for free! So, Judah was in. We decked him out in a white t-shirt, head band, and a tattoo. He was excited right up until he saw the huge crowds of people and couldn’t hear because of the blasting speakers. Serena, Haley, and I had to coax him through the first half mile. He held our hands, rode on my back, and got carried. Eventually, he calmed down and even started running on his own, especially when he saw the next color station. By the end, he was all smiles and covered head to toe in blue, purple, green, and pink. Such a fun morning and memory!!

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