first camping trip

After growing up camping almost yearly, Nate and I decided it was time to let the boys in on the experience. Here’s what we learned our first time out:
1.  Cinnamon rolls burn on hot dog sticks. 
2.  Judah needs lots of space to wiggle and spread out while he sleeps. 
3.  Cinnamon rolls burn in pudgie pie makers. 
4.  Having boys who pee in the woods is super convenient. 
5.  Cinnamon rolls burn in a skillet over the fire. 
6.  Kraft marshmallows win the taste test every time. 
7.  The pool is by far the best part of the campground. 
8.  Mallets and matches are really essential to camping. If you forget them, make friends with your neighbors quickly. 
9.  Cinnamon rolls somewhat burn, but are fairly edible when baked in foil over a camp stove. 
10.  Camping is definitely most fun when you’re with family!

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