Everything has been pretty quiet on the adoption front lately.  I guess that means we’re still in “patience” mode.  We did contact our agency recently to see if there was anything we should be doing or changing. We were reminded why we chose Spirit of Faith Adoptions; they were quick to respond, compassionate, and super helpful. 

One of the things they noticed in our profile was that we selected not to be matched with any mom who had taken drugs or alcohol at any point in her pregnancy.  This included any mom who had a drink before she even knew she was pregnant.  With wise counsel from the agency, we chose to change this decision.  This means, now our profile can be shown to more moms and we can make the decision after we know more specifics.

The other thing that may be keeping us from being chosen is the fact that we have multiple biological children.  Obviously, there’s nothing we can do about that one, but pray someone wants their baby to have older siblings.

We’re continuing to pray for timing and God’s provision of patience and grace as we wait on our next li’l’ shoe.  Thanks for joining us.

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