cookie bakers


Baking has never been my most favorite thing to do.  It probably has to do with always needing lots of patience, a decent work space, and needing to follow directions closely…none of which I have or do very well.  There is something about Christmas, though, that makes me want to go for it.  So, when Nate said he was in charge of dessert at his Holiday Potluck, I figured this might be the opportunity I’d been waiting for (plus, making spritz cookies each year has become somewhat of a tradition). 

So, the boys and I worked together to make the dough, each one taking turns at using the hand mixer (the one that usually sits on the bottom shelf of my baker’s rack and collects dust).  I rechecked the cookie press directions because I vaguely remembered from years past that I had put the disks on upside down.  Sure enough, it mattered which direction they faced.  With perfectly textured dough, we were able to press three different shaped cookies on cool baking stones (warm ones also don’t work because the dough gets all gooey and won’t come off the press).

After actually letting the cookies cool instead of impatiently trying to remove them from the stone, Courben and I successfully transferred them to the cooling racks without a single one breaking!

Hopefully, I’ll remember all I’ve learned when I try baking again next year!

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