christmas with meaning, part 4 – telling the Story


I’ll preface this post with a full disclosure:  I did not in any way come up with this superb idea!  A gal I know through huddle is the mastermind behind it.

We have been reading the Christmas Story throughout the month of December, but when I stumbled across this idea on facebook, I knew we had to do it!  We have had the Little People Nativity for a couple years now and have always liked the idea of having a nativity that’s allowed to be played with (unlike the ones that sit on high shelves because they might break).  Now, these little guys have an even greater purpose.

Each day, I write part of the Christmas story in a letter format, using words Courben should be able to read.  Then, during nap time, I set up the letter and corresponding Little People for the boys to find when they wake up.  They are loving it!  We wait until Nate gets home so we can all read and listen to the story together.

We will continue the letters through Christmas, so we can introduce the Wise Men since the idea behind it is to tell the chronological story. 

How are you teaching your little ones this story?


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