christmas with meaning, part 3 – christmas chains

Since I’ve been on a Christmas traditions and activities kick, I figured I’d share one we started with our Missional Community this year.  A couple years ago, I bought the printable eBook, Truth in the Tinsel.  I think it’s really well done.  Basically, it gives a scripture and keyword to focus on each day of December.  It also includes paper chains and ornament instructions for each day. 

photo (3)
As Nate and I were preparing for our time together on Sunday, we were trying to think of something we could do when we’re together, but also something the kids could do with their immediate families at home.  I thought the paper chains would be perfect!

Some of the older kids came early and used the paper cutter to get the links ready and help me get organized.  Once everyone else came, we split into mixed-age groups to work together.  It was neat to see the older kids helping the younger ones get the job done.  Each family was able to take a completed chain, a scripture list, and a Bible home.

We’ve already heard stories of how the kids are using these for their Christmas countdown and looking up the verses as a family.  I’m hoping this can be a tradition that continues!

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