christmas with meaning, part 2 – puppet show christmas

The last two days have been filled with fun, laughter, and stories.  We set up a puppet stage in our glassless window (it broke a month ago during our missional community!).  It’s the perfect place for a curtain and puppets.
Yesterday, Courben and Judah made snowmen puppets, complete with button noses and wooden, beaded arms.  Then, we put on a puppet show, taking turns being the audience and puppeteers.
Today, we added some cousins into the mix!  At one point, Courben and Mathias were in the audience, laughing up a storm and eating pretend popcorn.  Lili and Judah were putting on the performance with the snowman narrating the Christmas story.  I got to man the lights for the show-start and intermission.  This had to be the best part of my day.  I’m pretty sure all the kiddos enjoyed themselves and got in some good practice telling the Story.


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