one canoe + seven kids =

photo (9)

two hilarious boat rides.  My dad came to visit and had the great idea of taking our canoe out (back story:  Dad and I built this canoe.  We started on my 13th birthday and ended with a coat of paint and its maiden voyage ten years later).  We invited some of our family, piled seven kids and two adults into two cars, loaded the canoe onto the top of Dad’s truck, grabbed some snacks, and set out.  All the kiddos were a bit apprehensive since none of them had been in a canoe before.  We reassured them that as long as they actually sit still and stop squealing, we wouldn’t tip.  Thankfully, they took heed, and we had two successful canoe trips.  Dad ended up with the three easy-going ones, and somehow I ended up with the four anxious, excitable ones.  With a bit of splashing to end our time, we all piled back in the cars soaking, excited, and chatty.  On the way back, we talked about how God is Maker and Protector, all realized from our time in His creation.  Now, to figure out how to get that canoe on the top of our car…

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