sneak peak

photo (2)

This homeschool thing is becoming a loved part of Courben’s (and my) day.  Most days, for who knows what reason, he won’t talk about or share his work with Daddy, which is completely obnoxious.  So, here’s a sneak peak into our work from today.  We worked on simple one-more-than addition problems using dominos and some physical exercise.  Courben had to draw the dots from the domino, then fill in the numbers to make the equation.  Once he determined the sum, he had to choose between sit-ups, push-ups, or jumping jacks to show me the correct amount.  Sneaky me was trying to get some energy out between problems since writing numbers is hard work for this little boy!

And just a little plug for the materials we were using:  we use the Rollzee almost daily.  This particular one is used with dry erase markers and the paper can slide right into the sleeve.  The boys love it and it obviously cuts down on paper waste!


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