family rest

Sometimes, finding something restful for our entire family to do is a challenge!  Judah and I would gladly go for a run, but the other two wouldn’t be too thrilled. Nate could watch football all day, but the rest of us would run out of steam after a few quarters. So I’m always on the lookout for something we all can appreciate and rest in. Today, I hit the jackpot!  I made colored noodles thanks to a pin on Pinterest, and we got to work making jewelry. I was pleasantly surprised at the endurance, patience, and joy it brought to everyone. Judah was able to use the tiny beads even though I expected he’d be confined to the large ones. He ended up making two bracelets and two necklaces. In the middle of his creation, Courben asked, “Is this rest?”  We must talk about this concept enough that even our four year old is catching onto its importance. “Yes, yes it is!”  I’m not sure it will be a weekly activity, but it was successful for today!

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