proud papa

Look at that face!  That is a face of a young, brave warrior.  Courben was baptised in front of his family and friends on Sunday.  About two weeks earlier, as we were setting up our kiddie pool, Courben said, “Mom, I wanna get baptist.”  I asked him, “why?”  And he said, “Because Jesus got baptists and He told me to, too.”  After a few more conversations with Daddy, we were convinced he understood what he was wanting and needing to do.  We invited those closest to us, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, and our Soma family.  He chose to ride on Daddy’s back instead of going the traditional route, and under the water they went.  What a day!  We’re praying that as we continue to share this story, Courben will remember this as one of his first great memories.  So thankful this guy has decided to be obedient to Jesus.


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