asv: beach highlights


Starting in the top left and going clockwise:

1.  Our texture boy didn’t mind the sand too much and even hopped into the hole I dug.

2.  Judah did, however, mind the water.  I suppose if I was his size, the waves would seem a bit daunting to me, too.

3.  This kite is probably 20 years old, but still flying high!  Courben got to try out his skills for the first time on a breezy beach day.

4.  What would a vacation be without some silly selfie photos?

5.  Oversized chairs are all the rage, right?  I’m not sure the boys knew they were chairs and not climbing equipment.

6.  Courben adored the water and rode the boogie board up and down the shore most days.  He got in some pretty great rides!

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