bubble brothers


Courben has been learning about how to be a good steward of his money since Christmastime.  He does chores (when he feels like it) like putting away his clothes, setting the table, feeding Linus, and helping me clean the bathrooms.  Each time he earns money, he tithes a portion, sets some aside to save for a wooden, model racecar (his choice), and the rest he gets to spend.  He usually gets to about $1-$2 before he takes his wallet to the store to pick out something.  Today was one of those days and wow, is he picky!  He spent a good 15 minutes scouring the toy shelves for just the right $2.25 goodie.  He turned down a plastic snake, toy cars, and a card game for an eight-pack of bubbles.  I’d say it was a decent choice!  I was completely impressed when he shared his new toy with Judah when we got home.  He handed over an entire bottle for Judah to play with, which promptly got dumped on the floor.  Oh, little brothers.  Glad this purchase gave these boys some good fun on this freezing February day.


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