2012, come and gone


It’s hard to believe that a year ago Judah wasn’t even walking.  So many things change in a year’s time.


In February, we celebrated Courben’s third birthday and Judah’s first steps!


March marked Judah’s first birthday and his first haircut.

car carrier

April was the month Nate was surprised with a job at Nationwide and I began shifting from just teaching to directing Bloom! Music and Movement.  Needless to say, it was an amazing month, so I thought this amazing picture of creativity suited it.

so cute

We spent tons of time outside in May with trips to the park, playing baseball, campfires, and even a visit to the Scioto Mile fountains.


June brought out the mischief and brotherly love between our boys that continues to this day.


What better way to spend our roasting hot July days than with swimming pools, ice cream runs, and neighbor kids.

beach (5)

A trip to the beach made August’s list of fun, along with more ice cream, parks, and good friends.

train ride

September is deemed Zootember with tons of trips to the zoo and chasing little ones around to see different animals.

snow (3)

The oxymoron that is Columbus, Ohio weather was October when we had an 80 degree day and snow on the ground within one week.


November was filled with family time (Simons, Shoemakers, and Soma).  So grateful for the grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins (both biological and adopted) God has graciously given our boys.


December went as quickly as it came in with lots of hot cocoa, snow, family, and painting.  We also began the “Three Gifts” family tradition as we gave the boys presents that represented the gifts Jesus received from the wise men.

We have truly stood in awe at God’s love, provision, grace, and humor in the last year; and we’re looking forward to see His hands all over 2013.


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