top 5

beach (3)
The boys and I spent last week at my parents’ house and we all had a blast.  If I were to guess Judah’s top five best parts of the trip, they would be:
5.  Getting one on one time with Great Aunt Denille every night for two hours.
4.  Eating ice cream with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.
3.  Chasing Mimi’s cat around the house.
2.  Making Mimi smile by saying her name.
1.  Swimming for hours in Lake James.
beach (7)
And Courben’s:
5.  Learning the song, ‘Big House’ at “BVS” (aka Vacation Bible School).
4.  Sleeping in the attic.
3.  Playing with Mimi’s trains.
2.  Seeing his cousins, Olivia and Alexis, every night.
1.  Playing for hours in the sand at the beach.

My Top 5?
5.  Sleeping in the pitch black again (the city is so bright)!
4.  Talking “shop” (music together) with Mom.
3.  Having heart to hearts with my mama.
2.  Sharing God’s stories from the mission field.
1.  Having two darling, tag-along girls by my side at VBS (you’d think loving on kids was my passion or something).


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