happy go lucky…


…some of the time, that is.  Judah got another “he’s so calm and relaxed” comment from our new doctor today.  These doctors just get the sweet side of him because he adores being worked on.  Listen to my heart?  Sure!  Stick something strange in my mouth?  Why not, Mommy does!  Poke around my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears?  Been there, done that; I do have an older brother after all!  He’s weighing in at 16 pounds 11 ounces (25%) and 28 inches long (75%).  He’s doing well!  Courben even got to be the doctor’s assistant by holding her stethoscope.

Funniest part of the check-up:  “If your baby is not sleeping through the night, talk with your doctor so you can prevent possible sleep problems.”  Ha!  I’m pretty sure three or four hours doesn’t count as sleeping through the night.  He’s going to have a wake-up call (instead of me) when we move and he has his own room to fuss in instead of disturbing Courben and me at night.


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