second first fourth

jake and judah

(picture courtesy of Melvin Conklin)

Similar to Courben’s first 4th, Judah’s first Independence Day was quite emotional.  Grandpa took him for a walk during the sirens that always kick off the parade because we were certain he’d hate them!  Apparently, he didn’t mind them:  no tears.  After their stroll, he was quite content and must have thought the rest of the parade was boring because he conked out (As a side note, I was a bit disappointed in the parade this year, too.  There used to be a wider variety of participants.  It seemed like this year it mostly included fire trucks, businesses, and churches.  Where were the clowns, animals, cute dance teams, tractors, and old cars??  Okay, enough of that tangent, back to the story).  The cookout and yard games were pretty painless, but then there were the fireworks.  Oh, those blasted fireworks!  I’m pretty sure Judah was fine with the loud booms and the bright lights, it was the time of night that he despised.  Let’s just say, we had to cut our holiday a bit short and head home because he was quickly escalating to compete with the firework noise.  I can’t wait for the day when both boys love the 4th of July like their Mommy.


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