who’s who?

1.  nate 6 weeks

2.  belly

3.  strong


6 thoughts on “who’s who?

  1. I say number 2 is Judah, number 1 is Courben, and number 3 is Nate. Am i close???? lol

  2. it would figure! lol they all look identical! it's so crazy! i love this little blog though! it's cute!

  3. Olivia was excited to play this game. Actually, I hate to admit that she got the answer faster than I. Then, she asked if there was a picture of Natalie coming. See, you are not forgotten in a home of boys! We love and miss you guys!!!!

  4. Oh, and Olivia always asks if there are any videos she can watch. She says, “It doesn't matter if they are new. I just want to watch videos.” So, just sayin'… any videos are highly anticipated on this end. … not that you have anything else to do with 2 young boys. 🙂

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