we made it!


It’s Saturday, and we’re all still alive.  We filled our week without Daddy with a trip to Cosi, a day at the zoo (Judah’s first time there was much like Courben’s first visit, but much colder!), Music Together, and a couple of shopping trips.  I think I’m getting the hang of outings with two little boys!  Though, I am certainly thankful Nate was not deployed this year instead of last year.  Courben woke up yesterday with a seemingly permanent pouty lip.  Nothing hurt, he was just sad about Daddy being gone.  So sad, in fact, that after breakfast, he curled up with his blanket and laid on the floor.  We all know this is not the Courben we love.  Poor guy!  He’s quite glad Daddy’s made his way back to “Uh-hio” from “Fworda”.

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