alpha baker


Did anyone else have that handy dandy kids’ alphabet cookbook?  I inherited the treasure from my mom and thought I’d start the baking A-Z tradition with Courben.  We attempted to make T is for Turtle Bread.  I say attempted because when all was said and done, we had about four or five cups of flour in our masterpiece instead of three.  Can yeast go bad?  And how exactly do you measure the temperature of milk?  The poor turtle bread weighed as much as a real turtle.  The best part?  Courben had fun mixing and dumping ingredients and in the end, he could tell it was a turtle.  I’d say not too shabby for our first baking experience.


4 thoughts on “alpha baker

  1. I still remember your cookbook and even went as far as to look for it online. You can still purchase it! I printed off the purchase order to send in. I remember making some jam tarts at your house in Dunkirk. I think there are zebra cookies, too?? Have fun with that adventure.

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