first burger

first burger 

Don’t ask me why I’ve deemed hamburgers world’s worst food.  Courben has sampled many sweets and other not-so-healthy foods already.  So, I’m not exactly sure of my reasoning for holding out on him.  Regardless of my attempts to keep him burger-free (even after a week of eating at restaurants on vacation), we ended up giving in and ordering one when this restaurant was out of mac ‘n’ cheese.  Needless to say, he liked loved it.  Also, please notice his surroundings.  Does this look like the kind of place we should be taking a food-throwing baby?  Oops!  Thankfully, our food-slinger decided to actually eat his food instead of pitch it on the floor this time.  I’m sure the restaurant was thankful, too.  Babies always add a sense of adventure, even to the most normal of circumstances.


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