love hate relationship

Courben’s relationship with Tub has been manageable at best.  The beginning baths didn’t fair well and Nate even declared “hate” for bath time.  Eventually, though, sudsing-up became routine and even fun.  Courben was even known to practice his swimming lessons with Tub.  Unfortunately, this wet pastime soon took a turn for the worse.  In fact, when attempting to take a shower with Grandpa over Thanksgiving weekend (this not being the first time), he screamed with fear instead of enjoying the event. (Trust me, you don’t want to see the pictures to prove it!)  Well, I guess we’re back to an affectionate feeling towards good ole Tub.  As you can see, Courben is on tip-toes and even tried to climb to get in quicker.  I do feel a bit sorry for Tub, though.  I mean, can you imagine the confusion she must feel with the ups and downs of their relationship?  Maybe this time, the love will last.  Poor Tub!


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