What a fun day Courben has had! In the morning, he got to spend time with Great Grandma while Momma taught a Music Together demo. Someone else got to experience, firsthand, how busy he is! As Grandma was leaving, we discovered two boxes on our front porch. Low and behold, we got packages from Daddy! How exciting!

In one of the boxes was this cute sock monkey. I figured it was for Courben and not me. After little interest in Peanut, I wasn’t too convinced this little guy would be any different, but I gave it to him and told him it was from Daddy. Good thing I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong because he loved “Day-day“.

He tackled him, shook him, and even kissed him, what a great gift! After many weeks of fighting naps, the two fell asleep together in record-breaking time.


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