sunny with a high of 75

Labor Day certainly feels different when you’re not at a job all day every day! Courben and I spent the day at Silver Beach on Lake Michigan with our good friends Shelley and Grayson. Pictures were tricky due to the beautiful sunny weather. So, there’s no proof anyone was there except Courben! This beach experience was much different from his first one in June. He was all about the sand! He wanted to play with it, eat it, stick his feet in it, run it through his fingers, and even try to crawl in it. No such luck on the latter, though! We did check out the water, which was rather frigged due to the lack of hot weather this summer. I think our little swimmer wanted to dive right in at first, but once I made him rinse off the sand (which was everywhere including his ears), he promptly changed his mind. After lunch and blueberry waffle cone ice cream at Kilwins, we were back home in time to go for a quick run and get a free chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A. I bet he’ll sleep well tonight!


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