swim lessons

You would not believe what we do in the pool with these babies! We start by blowing bubbles. Most of the babies can’t do it, but many do it by accident while their mouths are in the water, and that’s how they learn. Then, we let them go underwater! Lots of kicking and floating take place as we sing “The Babies In The Pool” (to the tune of “The Wheels On The Bus”). After this, we take them to the edge of the pool and have them fall into the water and float to the surface before we catch them. This is to help them feel less scared if they ever fall into a pool. The remainder of the time is spent practicing the skills they learned and getting one on one time with the instructor, Kari. She said Courben is a natural! He certainly loves being in the water. He doesn’t even mind when she has him swim underwater to me. It’s only a matter of a few feet, but he’s swimming. How amazing! Oh, and did I mention he’s the youngest one there? The other five babies are 18 months give or take.

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