silver lake

Courben’s first vacation was a hit! That is, after he recovered from a very rough first day of crying. Once he got back on track, he was raring to go! He got to go to the beach twice. He seemed to enjoy the water and sand, unlike my cousin, Alexis. She hated the sand! He got to swim in the pool almost daily, which he loved! He floated on his back, jumped off the edge, and even went under water a bit. Courben even got to ride in a tube down a river. He slept most of the way and only cried a little. Once I got out of the tube and laid him on the bottom for him to feel the water under his back, he settled right down. He also tried some mashed banana and loved it! He even opened his mouth when the spoon got close. He’s growing up too fast. We start swimming lessons in a week. After those are finished, we hop on a plane to Mississippi to see daddy! What an eventful summer! Hopefully, this whole year flies by like these two months have.

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