a handful of what?

I didn’t want to post a picture because you’d be completely grossed out, but I had to tell the story anyway! What comes over a mother when her baby has no diaper on and starts making noises down there and she just reaches out to catch whatever is making this noise? I have no clue what came over me! So, today I had a handful of you-know-what and then thought to myself, “what do I do now?” No idea why I did that, but it’s certainly a funny story. A few wetwipes, a thorough hand-washing, and two diapers later, the little man and I were clean. Oh the joys of motherhood!

2 thoughts on “a handful of what?

  1. Oh my oh my! Sounds like something I might do. It gave me a big chuckle… pics would have been great… but a little hard to do with one hand full of -you-know-what. bill

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