can’t believe i’m blogging…

So, I thought I’d start a blog so I can post pictures and videos of our crazy baby! I never thought I’d be one to have a blog, but since I’ve been decent at taking pictures, I thought maybe I should try it out. It should also be a great way for Nate to see updates on Courben while he’s overseas.

Here’s my first video. It’s taken with our camera, so it’s not the greatest quality, but you’ll get the gist. Courben has become quite vocal over the last week or so. It’s super cute and I wanted you all to be able to hear it. Currently, he’s “squeaking”, as we call it, while he sleeps. Who thought having a baby would be this fun? Okay…you’re right…I did! Well, enjoy. We’ll see how often I get on here to update this. I suppose as often as I take pictures.

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